Our Story

Noel Ann Smith was born on February 8, 2007. From that moment she was our little angel. We did not know she actually was an angel until every parent’s worst nightmare occurred. Noel left this world on March 2, 2008: hear life on earth ending after 12 months and 22 days. 

As Noel’s parents we want to give back some of the love that we received not only from Noel, but from our community. With WBEV/95X Children’s Radiothon we have organized Noel’s Angel Walk as a symbol of this love. 

Noel’s Angel Walk is an event allowing Noel’s tremendous spirit to remain alive and continue to touch others in a positive, loving way. The spirit that touched so many while here on earth will allow our community to join together. We also hope her story will raise awareness, and prevention of childhood illnesses including influenza and RSV. 

Noel’s Angel Walk is not just a vehicle to keep Noel’s memory alive, but also her spirit which lives on in those of us that knew and loved her. Had Noel stayed on earth she would have made countless positive contributions to this world and touched many lives. This Walk is our attempt to allow Noel to touch your life from heaven 

Please join us for the 15th Noel’s Angel Walk, and walk with an angel either in person or virtually this year. 

-Lori, Scott, and Nate Smith, Beaver Dam, WI 

Click on the Radiothon icon to learn about the Children's Radiothon. Since 2009, Noel's Angel Walk has been an event helping the Children's Radiothon.