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Thank you to everyone who came out to Jersey Mike’s Subs last week to support us! Because of your generosity we were able to raise $545.00 for Noel’s Angel Walk/Good Karma Brands John Moser Children’s Radiothon. A big thank you to Danielle and the friendly staff at Jersey Mike’s for sponsoring our event. It was awesome!

Last month The Beaver Dam Middle School Student Council held an event, Pie The Teacher In The Face, with all the funds being donated to Noel’s Angel Walk. Today we were honored to have our picture taken with them as they presented us with their donation of $376.00. Thank you so much! The BDMS is amazing!

Last night we had the honor of speaking on behalf of Families Fighting Flu at the Northeast Wisconsin Immunization Coalition symposium representing Noel and sharing her story. It was a wonderful night. Thank you to NEWIC and Families Fighting Flu for allowing us the opportunity. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Noel’s birthday last week by joining us for our fundraiser with Marcos Pizza Party With An Angel

It was so fun seeing friends pictures and posts as you enjoyed your meal. We enjoyed helping out with some deliveries on our day off too!

Thank you to Marcos for hosting this event for us. A birthday is a special day that should always be honored and celebrated! We are extremely grateful to celebrate Noel’s beautiful spirit with everyone! Our hearts are full!

Our totals are in… because of all your generosity we were able to raise $519.09 for Noel’s Angel Walk/ GKB John Moser Children’s Radiothon. It was a beautiful event!


This Saturday we held our holiday fundraiser. It was a wonderful event celebrating with our Angel and the community. Seeing all the families, children, and Noel’s classmates warmed our hearts.

A very special thank you to Mr. Lefeber who stepped up to lead all the choirs due to a few unexpected events. Thank you to Mrs. Melissa Aschebrook and Mrs. Lefeber for all your preparation. And a huge thank you to all the singers! It was a joy to hear your music!

Thank you to the American Legion for the hall, Art on the Town Wisconsin: The Studio for joining us, Aramark and Chippy’s Popcorn for the concessions. Our wonderful raffle items from Gysbers Jewelry, Paula Brockner Pampered Chef, Marcos Pizza, Julie Giebel, Lisa Myszka, Lori Hill, Roxie Miller, Shana Sandley Haase, Traci 'Mcclanathan' Kennedy, Nunatak Coffee, Glenna Vilmin ReMax, Food Pride for cookies, and Confections For Any Occasion. We also couldn’t have done this without the help and support of our friends and Nate’s friends who joined us on Saturday. Thank you so very much! Together we were able to raise $633 for Noel’s Angel Walk! 

I’m blown away once again with the generosity of this community! Thank you to everyone who came out to Pretzels with an Angel sponsored by Ben’s Soft Pretzels yesterday. We were able to raise $667.00 for Noel’s Angel Walk/Good Karma Brands John Moser Children’s Radiothon. A big thank you to Brian at Fox Brothers Piggly Wiggly for allowing us to set up in his parking lot! On a personal note thank you for giving us a chance to talk about Noel and share her beautiful spirit with so many.

It is hard to believe that we just completed our 15th Noel's Angel Walk. As I said prior to the start of the walk we had a vision in 2008 of finding a way to help children and give back to our community but mostly to be sure that Noel would not be forgotten. We are so grateful that we were able to do so when we joined the GKB John Moser Children's Radiothon in 2009.

Our vision would not be possible had it not been for the wonderful sponsors we have. Thank you to our sponsors this year. They are Aramark Food Services, Nunatak coffee, Cousins of Beaver Dam, Community Pediatrics, Marcos Pizza of Beaver Dam, The Beaver Dam Middle School Student Council, Gysbers Jewelry, Glenna Vilmir of Remax Prime, Tropical Tan Lines Travel, Animal Clinic of Beaver Dam, Peterson Marine, Peter J. Seippel Foundation, Tower Lanes, Captains Chocolates, All the Above, Reed Chrysler Sales, Spare Time Creations, That's Amore Cafe, Pepsi of Beaver Dam, Richelieu

Thank you to all of our family for always being there to support us. As our dad always said Family First. It means the world to us!

Thank you to all the people who used Nate's awesome website to make a donation if you weren't able to be with us.

Thank you to the Beaver Dam Police Department for help us with your support and making sure the walkers safely crossed the streets.

Thank you to the approximately 70 walkers who joined us yesterday morning as we walked with our angel for the 15th year. It was a little chilly and early, but you still showed up!

This year has been incredible! It has been awesome seeing all the youth of Beaver Dam joining us and the families supporting us.

Together we have been able to raise $12,304 in our various fundraising throughout the year.

Thank you to Good Karma Brands John Moser Children's Radiothon for allowing us to join you in 2009 and helping us so our vision could become reality!

Our dream of Noel's Angel Walk lives on. We look forward to next year and continuing to share Noel's beautiful spirit with everyone in the years to come!

Thank you!

Lori, Scott and Nate

This morning the BDMS Student Council group invited us to their meeting so they could present us a check for Noel’s Angel Walk. They held a penny war and pie the teacher in the face fundraiser at the BDMS collecting funds for Noel’s Angel Walk. The kids and staff at our middle school blew us away with this donation. It brought me to tears! The BDMS collected $1,833.00!!! Yes, my friends, middle school-aged kids! This kindness and generosity is incredibly heartwarming! Noel’s kindness was spread throughout!

Thank you to Kristine Eberle and Ashley Olson for making this possible and teaching our children every day! Pictured is the Student Council Group.

We are pleased to announce one of our newest sponsors. Thank you to Austin Schmitt from All The Above, LLC for sponsoring us this year for in 15th Noel's Angel Walk. We love welcoming new sponsors. Our sponsors are amazing!

Please take sometime this weekend to get registered for the walk this year as we walk with our angel!

Thank you Nunatak Coffee for your continued support! This is

Exciting news for our coffee lovers! We are happy to announce that we will be serving Nunatak coffee in the park at Noel’s Angel Walk!!

Our sponsors are amazing! We are excited to have Community Pediatrics joining us for the 15th year as we start our planning for Noel’s Angel Walk on Thursday June 15th! 


Thank you Peterson Marine in Waupaca for sponsoring us for our 15th annual walk and for supporting us through the years! 

Thank you Tropical Tan Lines Travel for sponsoring Noel’s Angel Walk! We are so grateful for your continual support. We’re excited to have you walking with us for our 15th on June 15th! 

Thank you to Dr. Kari Raisbeck and the staff at The Animal Clinic of Beaver Dam for your continued support in Noel’s Angel Walk. We are so happy you’ll be walking with our angel! 

Thank you to our sponsors Gysbers Jewelry and those who participated in our fundraiser, Celebrating Love With an Angel.

Together we were able to raise $300 for Noel’s Angel Walk! This is wonderful! Thank you for your generosity!


This year will be our 15th year!!! Our sponsorship is what has been a huge part of our walk. Please consider supporting us as we walk with our angel on Thursday June 15th.

Thank you Aramark! Our sponsors are amazing! The food arrived for tomorrow morning at the park. Come walk with us and have some of these snacks!!!

My co-workers are not just co-workers they are like family! This month an email went out saying that you could wear jeans for the month if you wanted to make a donation towards Noel’s Angel Walk. The email alone made my heart full. Then this week I was gifted an envelope containing a donation of $320!!! We are incredibly moved by their generosity and that they selected Noel’s Angel Walk to donate to. I love every one of you! Thank you to the staff (my family) at Lincoln Elementary! 

Thank you to the Beaver Dam Middle School Student Council for supporting Noel's Angel Walk by hosting a dance for us. Thank you to Cale Zomer for being a great DJ! Thanks to Sherrif Dale Schmidt, Principal Loss, and Brenda Waddell-Riege for helping judge the dance contest. Thank you, Jessica Wheeler and Alicia Sether for all helping with crowd control. And a special to these teachers for making this possible Ashley Olson and Kristine Westphal! Thanks to all of you we were given a donation of $300!!!

Thank you to everyone who made our Subs with an Angel fundraiser such a huge success! Thank you to Patrese and the gang at Cousins Subs for all your hard work. Your staff is amazing! A big thank you to everyone for eating at Cousins on May 3rd! It was because of all of you and our awesome community that together we were able to raise $933.00 for Noel's Angel Walk to help the children in Dodge County! We are incredibly grateful!