Celebrate Christmas With An Angel

  • Come to St. Katherine Drexel Parish Center (408 S. Spring St., Beaver Dam) to celebrate Christmas. We will sing Noel to welcome in the holiday season!

  • 10 a.m. listen to the 4th and 5th grade Lincoln and Washington Elementary school chorus perform.

  • Stuff-n-Luv mobile create an animal workshop will be joining us.

  • You can pre-order your animal of to be delivered to the event which allows you to take it with you or stay to make it there.

  • Christmas ornament station

  • Christmas cookie decorating station $

  • Pizza donated by Richelieu Foods for sale $

  • Chippy's popcorn for sale $

  • Chips, water, and soda will be for sale $

  • Captains Chocolate Co. will be available to order at the event for later pick up or delivery order online at

  • And other surprises we will be adding as we continue planning the event!

Captain's Chocolate Fundraiser

Starting November 14th and ending December 12th

*20% of all the sales during this time will be donated directly to Noel's Angel Walk

*Online through no code necessary when ordering online

*Gift wrapping option available

*Shop the store at N2225 County Road EE, Neosho, WI 53059. Be sure to mention Noel's Angel Walk when there.

*FREE SAMPLES at the store!

Captain’s Chocolate Co. purchases their beans from the indigenous chocolate farmers in the mountains of Costa Rica. They pay well above fair trade prices. Selecting only the best organic beans, they roast, grind, refine, conch, temper, and mold the bars in small handcrafted batches making sure the chocolate is the best that it can be.

This deal is helpful for both Captain's Chocolate and the tribes of Costa Rica. Captains Chocolate gets organic cacao (chocolate) beans and the tribes are able to get more than double the profit they normally would.

One of the goals of Captain’s Chocolate Co. is to give the Indigenous an opportunity to move out of the poverty level into a higher social class where they can give themselves and their children a better future.

By ordering you are helping the indigenous people of Costa Rica!

Captain's Chocolates are organic ,which means they are healthier for you than normal chocolate. There are four dfferent percentages ,100%, 90%,75%, and 60%of rich dark chocoate, that can help your heart, your brain, your focus, lower your blood pressure, along with several other health benefits.

~The heavenly taste will satisfy your soul!~