Walk With An Angel

Click on the link to register for the 16th Annual Noel's Angel Walk           ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️            

Noel’s Angel Walk is doing the 2nd annual car wash for the Children’s Radiothon!

We will set up in the parking lot at Tower Lanes and be ready to start washing by 10 AM. No "set" price, just make a donation. You'll get a rinse, wash, and dry. Tower Lanes will be open for lunch while you're waiting. 

Stop in on Saturday June 10th for your car wash and to help support Noel's Angel Walk. 


T's Cup and Cream Mobile Cart, from Randolph, will be joining Noel's Angel Walk at the Radiothon Brat Fry

Where: In front of the Good Karma Broadcasting Studio at 100 Bill McCollum Way

When: Thursday June 20th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Be sure to stop by for your brat and a cool treat!!! 

Everyone Eats Like A Kid at Great Harvest Bakery!

Great Harvest Bakery has partnered with Noel's Angel Walk for this amazing fundraiser to benefit the Good Karma Brands John Moser Children's Radiothon.

For the ENTIRE month of June, they will be donating 30% of all the KIDS MEAL SALES!!!

NO AGE LIMIT-Everyone can eat like a kid!

Learn More on the Fundraisers Tab!

Families Fighting Flu, Inc.

Noel's Angel Walk is partnering with Families Fighting Flu Inc.

Families Fighting Flu teaches about the seriousness of influenza and the importance of annual vaccination.

 See our story along with other families with the same mission at https://www.familiesfightingflu.org/family-story/the-smith-family/ 


Noel's Angel  Walk

Noel's Family


 Thank you to this year's amazing sponsors!

If your business would like to help out our cause reach out to us at noelsangelwalkbd@gmail.com

Noel’s Angel Walk would not be possible without you! 

Join us on our Facebook page, Noel's Angel Walk.  On Noel's Angel Walk Facebook page we will be updating all news and sharing pictures of the walk this year. Information can also be found on www.dailydodge.com under the Children's Radiothon.

To contact us send an email to noelsangelwalkbd@gmail.com

Noel's Angel Walk